Crystals for Patience (17 Effective Crystals)

By Giselle L.

Crystals for patience

Growing up, I often begged for the universe, God, whatever, to make me more patient.

I’m an older sister, and man, did my little sister test my patience.

Every day I would pray that I could become more patient.

Now that I’m older, I like to think that I am. It’s an ongoing practice. An ongoing growth.

Some crystals make it easier and encourage patience.

So next time you feel hot with irritability and restlessness – but you want to keep your cool – try keeping one of these crystals for patience below close to you.

You might find yourself surprised at your own self-growth.

The Best Healing Crystals for Patience

These patience gemstones bring clarity, peace, healing, and protection during challenging times.

If you want to have patience with someone who has hurt you, or need help toning down your anger, then these are some of the best healing stones to help you practice patience.

1. Aventurine

Polished aventurine stones

When we are blinded by rage, aventurine brings us back down to earth by bringing awareness to our own impatience.

It encourages us to slow down, breathe, and relax.

Because if we don’t, our emotions will get the best of us and lash out in ugly ways.

Aventurine’s soothing energies balance our impatience and helps us think before taking action.

If you deal with a lot of stressful situations at work and you often run out of patience dealing with it all, keep a polished aventurine stone in your pocket.

Feeling its smooth surface will ground you and absorb your negative energy, leaving you calmer and stress-free.

2. Tiger’s Eye

Polished tigers eye stones

Tiger eye is a unique stone with shifting tones of brown, gold, black, and deep red that almost glow under light.

This stone is believed to bring good luck and fortune, shrouding you in positive energy.

It helps you see the silver lining in any situation – very handy for those annoying everyday situations like being stuck in traffic on the way to work.

Keeping a tiger eye crystal close to you will help shift your attitude to a more positive outlook on life.

And it’s much easier to be patient when things tend to go your way.

3. Emerald

Two emerald rings

Emerald is a gemstone of happiness and peace. Its deep green color hold a bright energy of prosperity.

Its strong power is believed to bring joy and harmony to your life, promoting peace and emotional balance.

It may even help with dealing with difficult people.

So, next time you’ve got to face someone who annoys you, keep emerald close. You’ll need all the help with patience that you can get.

Emerald is a popular option in jewelry, which makes it easy for everyday wear. You’ll just need to be sure you purchase a real emerald piece.

4. Black Tourmaline

Rough black tourmaline

Black tourmaline has been used by healers for thousands of years. Its believed to be a powerful protection crystal and energy amplifier that helps us tap into our inner wisdom and intuition.

This patience crystal also helps to regulate your energy flow and brings you peace and harmony. Use it to balance your chakras and remove any negative feelings.

The protective energy of black tourmaline absorbs all the negative energy around us. It helps us stay calm and focused when we feel stressed out.

Black tourmaline also protects our minds from bad thoughts. When we wear black tourmaline, we become stronger and happier.

5. Howlite

Polished howlite egg stone

Howlite is an ideal stone for meditation because it calms the mind and brings peace.

It’s a huge empathy booster, which helps us understand ourselves and others better.

This makes us more patient and kind to those around us, and helps us forgive ourselves.

Howlite is a popular choice for bracelets, which keep the gemstones in contact with our skin.

Its white color and black traces give it a soothing look, promoting a calming energy to keep you grounded.

6. Amethyst

Two hands holding amethyst

Amethyst has been used since ancient times to protect against evil spirits and bad luck.

Today, it’s still used to heal emotional wounds and ward off sadness and negative energy.

It’s also fantastic at promoting patience. Many believe this crystal helps calm the emotions, keeping us patient and relaxed.

It’s very handy for high-stress situations or interacting in unknown environments.

Dealing with a bad first date at a restaurant you’ve never been to? Finding out that one of your new coworkers at your new job drives you absolutely mad?

Amethyst is the crystal for you.

7. Dumortierite

Polished dumortierite stone

Dumortierite is a beautiful stone that helps you become more patient.

But where this crystal really shines is at handling bad tempers.

If you have a history of a short temper and get easily irritated or annoyed, try to use dumortierite to get it in control.

Dumortierite helps calm your mind when you’re feeling stressed out. It also provides clarity about what you need to do next.

8. Blue Lace Agate

Two blue lace agates crystals

Blue lace agate boost your confidence and self esteem. It helps you deal with difficult relationships and situations.

Most relationship problems (and that includes friendships or family) start with bad communication. People not understanding each other.

If you’re tired of getting misunderstood by people around you, try using blue lace agate.

This crystal helps if you have trouble being understood when communicating with others. Its confidence boosting powers also help you express your opinions and ideas.

Blue lace agate is great for those who work in communications like workshop organizers, lecturing, and teaching.

9. Celestite

Hand holding celestite crystal for patience

Celestite is a gorgeous pale blue crystal that represents peace, harmony, and love.

Its strong calming energy puts it in the ranks as a “patience crystal,” helping you remain cool-headed when dealing with others.

Celestite is also an excellent healer for the crown chakra. It helps those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression by absorbing negative energy.

10. Fluorite

Purple and green rough fluorite crystals

Fluorite is a strong calming crystal, enhancing focus and concentration to help you navigate difficult situations.

It helps you stay patient by soothing your nerves and relaxing tensed up muscles.

Fluorite is a stone that promotes peace and happiness. It helps you to stay focused and concentrate. It calms your nerves and relaxes your body.

Fluorite is also a stone of protection, especially against telepathy. It helps you keep your cool while under intense pressure.

11. Red Jasper

Polished red jasper heart pendants

Red jasper is an excellent crystal for staying grounded and focused.

It’s especially handy when you’re feel scattered or overwhelmed. Red jasper brings clarity to your thoughts and feelings while under stressful moments.

When you feel like you are losing yourself, red jasper will help you get back on track.

It may also help you feel confident during times of emotional upheaval, especially when you are feeling anxious and growing impatient with your situation.

Keep red jasper close to you and feel its earthy energy keep you strong and stable.

12. Aragonite

Aragonite crystal

Aragonite is a powerful mineral that grounds us to the earth and keeps us rooted in the present moment.

Its energy also helps with concentration and focus during periods of high stress and anxiety.

Aragonite is known as a patience crystal because its energy is associated with calmness, tolerance and inner strength.

This crystal is often used in meditation and spiritual practices to keep the mind clear and focused.

It’s particularly useful when you feel yourself becoming distracted by negative thoughts, emotions or impulses.

13. Aquamarine

Rough aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine is an earth-loving stone that represents trust, harmony, peace and balance.

This blue crystal has been used for centuries by people around the world for its powerful healing properties.

It can help you overcome fears and anxieties, and it also encourages positive thinking.

Aquamarine helps you find balance between your inner and outer worlds. When you feel scattered, it reminds you to focus on the present moment and be more aware of your surroundings.

If you’re feeling anxious, wear aquamarine to help calm yourself and boost your confidence.

14. Chrysocolla

Polished chrysocolla stone

Chrysocolla is a beautiful crystal that helps bring back our sense of patience.

A natural source of healing energy, it can also increase our sense of intuition and understanding.

Chrysocolla is an excellent stone to help maintain focus and concentration. It’s an amazing crystal to help with decision making, planning and strategy development.

If you’re frequently impatient in the workplace, keep a piece of chrysocolla near you. It may just change your luck.

15. Amber

Polished amber pieces

This protective stone brings serenity and tranquility. It creates an atmosphere of safety and security to keep you grounded during stressful situations.

Amber is also an amazing stone that helps control anger.

When we feel impatient and angry our body produces adrenaline which makes us more aggressive.

This aggression shows itself in a variety of ways, such as yelling, screaming, and even physical violence.

But using amber, we can calm ourselves down and become patient to find better ways to deal with these situations.

Try wearing an amber bracelet and focus on the stones next time you are feeling absolutely done with everything.

16. Chrysoprase

Polished chrysoprase crystals

Chrysoprase is a strong, stabilizer crystal. This crystal is a heavy hitter when you’re reeling from an emotional hurricane.

It helps stabilize emotions, allowing us to remain calm when faced with challenging situations.

It also increases our ability to focus, helping us to accomplish goals more effectively in spite of our impatience.

Chrysoprase helps us learn how to control our impatience, allowing us to stay focused and patient while waiting for the results to come.

17. Druzy Danburite

Rough druzy danburite crystal

Druzy danburite is a unique crystal that looks almost like fuzzy selenite, or grains of sugar stuck together.

Its striking energy help us stay patient and keep calm under pressure. This soothing power can help bring out the best in us, smoothing over any sticky situation.

It also gives us a sense of stability, helping us to remain grounded and focused during times of stress.

Take Control of Your Patience

These crystals can help you maintain an even keel and resist the temptation to lose your temper.

Everyone has bad days. But we can take control of how we react to stressful situations – with a little help from these wonderful crystals.

Use them to help you keep your cool and stay relaxed.

Please note: We at Maple Crystals recognize there are no substantial scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of crystal healing. But we believe crystals can be used to center one’s self for positive manifestation. Crystal healing is not to replace treatment from medical professionals.