About Maple Crystals

Group of healing crystals

Hi, my name is Giselle L. I started Maple Crystals after coming across a lot of information about crystals online. Healing crystals, worry stones, chakras – it all drew me in.

But what’s real and what’s not?

This is what I’ve set out to do with Maple Crystals. My aim is to create a hub of information that draws from science-backed research and real experiences from other crystal lovers alike.

My own crystal journey

I’ve always loved collecting crystals, even as a kid. It started with my first trip to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX when I was ten years old.

Of all things in that center, I was most drawn to the selection of rocks and minerals on display. I had to buy my own. So I purchased five stones that day: heat-treated citrine, amethyst, clear quartz, hematite, and a slab of green agate.

And so began my journey into collecting rocks – and eventually, crystals. My little collection grew, as did my love for geology and rock hunting.

And to be honest, I just think they’re neat. There’s a whole world of unbelievable colors, patterns, features, shapes, you name it – all naturally created by the Earth, over millions of years.

That’s just too cool, to me.

I believe crystals can be used as focus tools to enhance grounding and meditation practices, and encourage positive manifestations. More of a placebo effect, if you will.

But I love to hear about all kinds of experiences others have had with crystals, and their many different uses.

That’s essentially what Maple Crystals is.

A hub of information about crystals for crystal lovers to Soothe and Inspire Your Life.

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