Crystals for the First Day of School (16 Top Calming Gemstones)

By Giselle L.

Crystals for the first day of school

Best Crystals for the First Day Back to School

The day right before the first day of school was always filled with high emotions for me.

A lot of sadness, the familiar feeling of Sunday evening depression, LOTS of anxiety.

It was always a confusing and heavy mess for me. From elementary all the way to high school.

It’s a lot for school aged children to handle. From kids to teens, even to college students.

Luckily there’s a few handy crystals that can help us reign in these emotions and calm our anxieties about the first day of class.

Here’s our list of the top crystals for the first day of school. All gorgeous gemstones and all the perfect addition to your collection to beat those first day jitters.

1. Clear Quartz

Three rough clear quartz crystals

Clear quartz is believed to boost mental clarity and concentration – perfect for staying focused in class.

But if you’re more nervous about meeting new people, quartz is also a powerful tool to help you relax.

Clear quartz can help reduce stress that comes with the first day of school and help you open up to others.

Carry a quartz crystal in your pocket or place one near your desk. You could also set a mindful intention or repeat a positive affirmation while holding a crystal.

2. Amethyst

Rough amethyst crystal sample

Amethyst is an amazing crystal that enhances self-confidence, encourages focus and concentration, and helps balance emotions.

These healing properties make it a wonderful stone to wear or keep close to your body.

If you’re struggling with back to school nerves, try wearing a pendant made of amethyst to help ease your mind.

You can also put a piece of amethyst under your pillow at night to help you fall asleep easier the night before classes.

3. Moonstone

Polished moonstone crystal

Moonstones are beautiful stones with a rich history. They are said to remove sadness, attract love, and luck.

The powerful emotional healing energy of moonstones help us let our guard down and overcome shyness. It’s the perfect primer for meeting new people.

It also works to balance our emotions, help connects us to others, and form new relationships.

4. Blue Lace Agate

Bowl of polished blue lace agate stones

Blue lace agate is an amazing stone of wisdom, and believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

It’s also known for its ability to bring balance and harmony into your life.

Use this blue stone to enhance your focus and mental clarity by helping you overcome the stress and anxiety of returning to school.

Let its soothing blue color surround you in serenity and patience to prepare you for any challenge on the first day of classes.

5. Selenite

Three selenite crystal samples

Selenite is an incredible crystal for the first day of class.

With its natural beauty, its soothing energy can make you feel safe and calm.

Selenite may also help you focus on learning and be more attentive during class.

This crystal is also a great source of energy and power. For instance, selenite is used to improve concentration and mental clarity.

6. Citrine

Rough citrine crystal

Citrine is a manifestation crystal. It helps you see clearly and make decisions as a student.

You can use it to help you visualize your dreams and goals, and then manifest them into reality.

Citrine stone is said to bring inner peace, balance and harmony. It helps our minds stay positive and focused throughout the day.

Citrine’s emotional healing energy can also gives us a sense of optimism and hope to look forward to the new school year.

7. Amazonite

Group of amazonite stones

Amazonite is associated with honesty and communication.

It helps you navigate through special life events and communicate your feelings. It’s great for speaking up in class discussions and boosting your confidence.

Amazonite also helps us be more creative by expanding our mind and our vision. It encourages us to explore new ideas and provides inspiration for thinking positively.

It helps us to accept and love ourselves unconditionally – crucial for when we begin a new chapter in life.

8. Rose Quartz

Rough rose quartz stones

Rose quartz protects against bad luck and negative energy.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish or exhausted lately (maybe from staying up ’til 4 in the morning during summer vacation) , rose quartz could be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s also said to promote good health, keep your aura clear, protect you from electromagnetic pollution, and bring harmony to new relationships.

You can carry rose quartz around with you to remind yourself that you are safe and protected.

9. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli stones

Lapis lazuli is another powerful stone that brings clarity and insight to the mind.

This blue gemstone helps you stay focused and calm during stressful situations – and the first day of classes is always one giant, stressful situation.

Lapis lazuli can also make you feel more confident and more optimistic. This can help you get in the right mindset you need for that first day back to school.

10. Malachite

Polished malachite crystal

Malachites are excellent stones for manifesting positive changes.

They are a great choice when you need to come out of a rut or get back on track after a rough patch.

Malachite helps you to see what needs to be done and inspires you to tackle on the rest.

Many healers also believe malachite can helps students focus more effectively during class time.

When you hold malachite in their hands, it creates an electromagnetic field that stimulates your brains, helping you stay alert and focused throughout the day.

11. Carnelian

Polished carnelian crystals

Carnelian is believed to increase your ability to think creatively, and to help you get out of ruts.

It’s also believed to bring you luck, and to keep away negative energy.

This gemstone also helps bring clarity to thoughts, bringing order to chaos.

Carnelian’s positive energy can help you feel more confident and optimistic.

It strengthens your ability to make decisions and encourages critical thinking – essential qualities for any student.

12. Sodalite

Polished sodalite stone

Sodalite helps with the third eye and the throat chakra. It can help you become more intuitive and analytical while sharpening your focus and intuition.

Sodalite can help you get through writing assignments and other projects that require you to think logically.

It can also help you if you feel like you’re blocked or struggling to communicate.

Its calming energy helps soothe anxiety and can even help you sleep better.

Perfect if you need to get back into a regular sleeping schedule after sleepless summer nights.

13. Fluorite

Rough fluorite crystals

Fluorite is an amazing crystal that will help you stay focused and calm in any situation.

It’s a great stone to wear when you need to get through a stressful exam, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed at school.

Fluorite can provide clarity and peace of mind during stressful classes. When you wear fluorite, you feel supported and protected. It grounds you and keeps unwanted energies away.

Wear it during exams, and it will help you study better and retain information. Or wear it while studying, and it will help keep you organized and focused.

Wear it anytime you feel like you’re losing focus, and it will help bring you back to center.

14. Sugilite

Polished sugilite stone

Sugilite crystals are an excellent choice to help support your emotional well-being.

These calming stones radiate soothing energy and positive vibrational properties.

Carrying sugilite throughout the day can help you feel calmer and happier. This helps reduce negative emotions such as loneliness, depression and even panic attacks while in class.

It clears negative energies to make way for more attentive learning.

15. Moss Agate

Moss agate crystal points

A powerful crystal for healing emotional wounds, moss agate helps bring clarity of mind, balance, and overcome depression and stress.

It also strongly supports mental focus and self-healing, acting as a protective shield against negative energies.

This makes moss agate stones amazing for when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

It helps you to ground yourself while also allowing you to relax and calm yourself down.

16. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger eye crystals

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful gemstone that symbolizes strength, confidence, and bravery.

It helps you stay focused and grounded when you need to keep calm and collected.

As a protective stone, wear tiger’s eye during the school year to help you cope with stressful situations.

Tiger’s eye also brings peace and harmony to your life. If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming test or presentation, wear a tiger’s eye to attract success and protection.

Prepare for the First Day of School

The first day of school doesn’t have to be a stress fest. With these crystals, you can manifest positive energy to turn this day into a success.

Just remember to take time out every day to focus on your intentions and beliefs.

Your thoughts become your reality and your actions affect your future.

Make it a good one!

Please note: We at Maple Crystals recognize there are no substantial scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of crystal healing. But we believe crystals can be used to center one’s self for positive manifestation. Crystal healing is not to replace treatment from medical professionals.