Best Crystals for Letting Go of Fear (18 Gorgeous Crystals)

By Giselle L.

Woman bent over in fear

Letting go of fear is harder than it sounds.

When we think about our fears, we reinforce them.

We convince ourselves that there is really something bad out there waiting for us. That we might be unsafe when we leave home.

Or that we cannot trust our friends, or significant others, because they may betray us.

The problem is that fear creates more fear. If we keep thinking about how bad things will happen, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

It’s time to let go of these thoughts. Time to stop the cycle. And it can all start by choosing a crystal for letting go of fear.

Top 18 Crystals for Releasing Fear

We’ve researched the best crystals for letting go of fear to help you release that negative energy.

Choosing a crystal is as simple as picking one that you’re immediately drawn to. One that represents the way you feel right now.

A crystal that lets you release any energy that is tied up in worry and stress.

You’ll be on the road to fearlessness in no time.

1. Carnelian

Polished carnelian stone on wood

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for creativity, and this creativity helps open your mind to overcoming challenges.

These stone boosts your confidence and gives you that push you need to try new things.

They also help clear your mind from negative energies and emotions such as depression and anxiety.

For a little piece of fearlessness in a stone, carnelian is your best bet.

2. Ametrine

Ametrine gemstone

Ametrine helps us let go of emotions based on fear – anger, resentment, anxiety – and replace them with positive ones.

This allows us to move forward and live our lives more positively.

It also helps us to find balance between our inner world and outer world. When we feel overwhelmed by life, ametrine helps us to focus on ourselves.

The best way to use ametrine is to place it under your pillow while sleeping. As you sleep, release any fears that you may have been carrying during the day.

3. Aquamarine

Rough aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue gemstone that helps us connect to our intuition and emotional intelligence.

It’s known for its calming energy and helping us feel safe and secure. It encourages us to trust ourselves and our intuition.

It’s a stone of love, truth, and protection – the perfect recipe for learning to let go of fear.

4. Chrysoprase

Rough chrysoprase stones

Chrysoprase is a gorgeous green gemstone that helps bring about inner peace.

It can help you overcome emotional wounds and heal hurt feelings. In addition, it can help you let go if you are holding onto something that doesn’t serve you anymore.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut, meditating with this stone can give you the boost you need to move forward.

5. Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite stones

Blue kyanite helps you find balance in life. When you’re feeling out of control, it brings clarity and perspective.

This stone encourages communication on all levels and helps you release negative energy.

The best way to use this stone is to hold it in your hands and visualize your intentions.

Hold it in front of your heart chakra (the center of emotion) and ask it to cleanse you and purge negativity out of your system.

Sit quietly in meditation with it, close your eyes, and release those energies that no longer serve you.

6. Morganite

Rough morganite gemstone

Morganite is known as a stone of transformation because it helps us let go of old beliefs and patterns that hold us back.

This is why it is often used in healing rituals. It helps us release any mental blocks and fears that may be preventing us from moving forward in life.

Use morganite in meditation or keep it close and wear it in jewelry.

Next time you are feeling fearful, focus on the powerful energy of this pink crystal and visualize yourself breaking through obstacles.

7. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz crystal tower

Smoky quartz is an extremely powerful protective crystal that helps us let go of our fears and opens the way to love.

When we feel afraid, focusing on a smoky quartz crystal can help us overcome those feelings and move forward.

This powerful stone can also be worn as jewelry to attract positive energy to you and to promote self-love.

Keep it close to you at all times to keep your mind clear and focused.

8. Aragonite

Aragonite crystal

Aragonite is one of the most powerful crystals for grounding our physical energies and focusing our thoughts.

It’s excellent for releasing old emotions and patterns that are holding us down.

If you tend to feel scattered and unfocused, this is the perfect crystal for you.

Aragonite provides a sense of calmness and well-being which allows us to choose wisely, rather than react impulsively due to fear.

9. Howlite

Howlite beads

Howlite is another beautiful crystal known for helping you let go of old patterns, habits and addictions.

This stone is used to help release negative emotions and thoughts, and it’s an amazing tool for meditation.

Howlite is a popular option for bracelets to keep it near you at all times.

When you feel fear creep up on you, focus on howlite as you hold it between your fingers. Concentrate on the feel of the stone, its colors and patterns.

Visualize your fear disappearing away into a cloud of smoke, withering away like the wisps of black on howlite stones.

10. Lepidolite

Polished lepidolite stone

Lepidolite is a very strong healing stone.

It helps to overcome negative emotions such as depression, anger, and fear.

Meditating with lepidolite helps you detach yourself from the past and focus on the future.

The key to using them effectively is placement. First place them under your pillow while sleeping and visualize yourself moving away from old patterns.

Then when you wake up, put them where you will see them throughout the day. If you find yourself thinking about your fears, gently remind yourself of your vision of the future.

11. Selenite

Selenite crystals

Selenite crystals are known for their ability to remove negativity and stress from your body.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other mental health condition, meditating with selenite crystals may provide relief.

These stones also increase self-confidence, which is essential to overcoming any obstacle.

When working with selenite, it’s best to imagine your body as a vessel. Imagine your negative energies clearing away – similar to how we often hear people say clearing away “the toxins”.

12. Rose Quartz

Tumbled rose quartz

Rose quartz is believed to promote feelings of love and compassion.

These beautiful stones helps us release emotional pain and trauma from our past. It brings a sense of clarity and serenity to our lives.

Keeping rose quartz close is also a great way to help us let go of negative emotions we may hold onto.

This is because when we feel those emotions, we tend to cling to them and not let go.

But focusing on a piece of rose quartz and visualizing its loving energy, these feelings begin to dissipate.

13. Black Tourmaline

Close up of black tourmaline stones

The color black in crystals is usually associated with protection and power.

This makes black tourmaline one of the strongest stones for fighting against our fears.

Black tourmaline also brings clarity to the subconscious mind. This clearing energy helps you overcome limiting beliefs and false ideas that keep you trapped in unproductive habits.

By clearing away negativity, black tourmaline encourages self-acceptance, self-love, and personal growth.

14. Sodalite

Tumbled sodalite stone

If you’ve got a good handle on controlling your fear – or at least, not letting it get the best of you – sodalite is the next step at keeping your fears from intensifying.

Sodalite helps keep negative thoughts away and clear the mind, keeping you focused on overcoming challenges.

You’ll feel more positive energy flowing throughout your body when you wear a sodalite pendant.

15. Rhodonite

Polished rhodonite stone

Rhodonite is a perfect crystal for releasing old fears.

Meditating with this stone helps bring emotional baggage out into the open where it becomes clear and you can release it.

It allows you to let go of any lingering negative emotions that may cause stress. If you’ve been carrying around anger or sadness for a long time, it can help you feel lighter and freer.

Rhodonite also helps you overcome fears in relationships. If you’re having problems communicating with someone, rhodonite can help you break through the wall and make things easier.

16. Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony stones

This gentle blue crystal contains powerful healing energy to help us release our fears.

Blue chalcedony encourages us to trust ourselves and make decisions based on intuition rather than logic alone.

This confidence helps us overcome obstacles and achieve success in our personal and professional lives.

17. Rhodochrosite

Rough rhodochrosite stone

Rhodochrosite crystals open our hearts to compassion, for ourselves and for others.

This amazing stone is said to be an excellent healer of heart chakra energies.

The energetic qualities of rhodochrosite include clearing away negativity, releasing old patterns, and balancing mind, body, and spirit.

You can place a rhodochrosite crystal on your third eye area or wear it while meditating. If you do this regularly, you’ll become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

As a result, you will experience greater clarity and compassion.

18. Obsidian

Rough obsidian stone

Obsidian helps us become more aware of our thoughts and emotions.

This awareness allows us to grow stronger and better at facing our fears.

Obsidian is also an extremely protective healing crystal. It protects you from negative influences and helps you to discover what makes you different.

It encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin, which helps you connect with others.

A strong empath will benefit greatly from the grounding qualities of obsidian.

Letting go of your fears

In my experience, I find that being open to change and allowing myself to accept whatever life brings me is the best way to live.

And while there are times when I still struggle with fear, I’m learning to embrace it rather than run from it.

In fact, I believe that facing our fears is one of the most important steps towards growth.

And using crystals for letting go of fear gives you a leg up in becoming a better version of you.

Please note: We at Maple Crystals recognize there are no substantial scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of crystal healing. But we believe crystals can be used to center one’s self for positive manifestation. Crystal healing is not to replace treatment from medical professionals.