Best Crystals for Clearing the Mind (14 Stunning Stones that Work)

By Giselle L.

Woman looking at sky

When there’s an emotional hurricane inside us, there’s nothing worse than being told to just clear your mind.

How exactly do we do that – especially when we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or drowning in brain fog?

Believe it or not, meditation and breathing exercises are the quickest ways to reach a state of calm in any situation.

These practices are much easier when you focus on an object.

That’s where crystals for clearing the mind come in.

What crystals help clear your mind?

There are many different types of crystals, each with their own properties.

But if you’re looking for specific crystals to help clear your mind and reach a state of zen, these guys below are your best bet:

1. Clear Quartz

Large clear quartz crystal

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer.

Its crystal clear appearance embodies its purifying energy, cleansing its environment from negative energy.

Meditate with clear quartz by holding it in your hand and visualize the stone absorbing all your negative emotions.

All your stress, anxiety, sadness, and fear, cleared away by the soothing energy of this crystal.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Close up of lapis lazuli crystals

Lapis Lazuli is an extremely powerful crystal for clarity and inspiration.

It helps bring out hidden qualities deep within you, such as intuition, empathy, focus and motivation.

Lapis also promotes self-awareness, allowing us to make better choices and live more authentically.

Its positive energy – exemplified by its royal blue color – also encourages bright attitudes, such as joyfulness, optimism, and kindness.

3. Hematite

Close up of hematite stones

Hematite helps us tune out our inner critics, the voices of negativity telling us we aren’t good enough.

The strong Earth connection of this stone helps us tune in to the world and ourselves. It gives us clarity and focus when we feel scattered.

When we’re stressed out or confused, it opens our minds, giving us a space for introspection and contemplation.

4. Malachite

Malachite stone

Malachite is a gorgeous green stone that helps release outdated beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Do you set goals but stop before you even try because you just know you’ll fail? Do you beat yourself down or worry about other people’s opinions of you?

Malachite helps combat these negative emotions by bringing clarity and focus to your inner strengths.

For a dose of self-confidence, wear malachite or keep it in your pocket. This healing stone is especially helpful for clearing your mind in stressful new environments, such as a new job or trying a new hobby.

5. Apatite

Three apatite stones

This stunning gemstone is actually a group of several different minerals that may give it a wide range of hues. Though generally occurring in tropical blues and greens, apatite can also appear in yellow tones.

Because of its attractive appearance, apatite holds a bright energy that inspires and cultivates positivity, creativity, and mental clarity.

Wear apatite jewelry when you need laser focus – on a test day, or for a job interview.

6. Celestite

Celestite crystal

Celestite is an extremely grounding crystal, and fantastic for stress relief.

When you’re feeling stress creep in, hold your fingers close to the surface of a celestite crystal and let its vibrations flow into your body.

You’ll begin to calm down and relax. Celestite healing crystals can also be used to help with sleep problems, relaxing your mind as you sleep.

7. Amazonite

Amazonite crystals

Amazonite’s bright turquoise color is like a splash of crystal clear island water. Pure and soothing. Just like the calm waves at the beach.

Meditating with this light blue stone brings a sense of freedom that only happens with inner peace. It helps us focus on the big picture, and allows us to see beyond our own limited perspectives.

It makes us more open minded. More curious. More creative. More aware of life.

8. Sodalite

Tumbled sodalite stone

Need a complete mind refresh?

Center your thoughts and clear you mind with the strong cleansing energy of sodalite.

Focusing on sodalite allows your mind to unlock and explore hidden potential that is blocked by negative energy.

It can help you overcome your fears and doubts and get rid of those pesky limiting beliefs that keep you in a rut.

9. Carnelian

Three carnelian stones

Carnelian is an earthy brown-red gemstone which keeps you grounded and drives out negative energy.

This cleansing property brings clarity to your mind, helping you achieve inner peace.

Carnelian’s energy also enhances memory, concentration and self-esteem. It helps you connect with your intuition and makes you feel more creative.

10. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal cluster

This popular gemstone brings out the natural ability within each person to create their own reality. It helps us to tap into our intuition and to manifest our goals.

Amethyst crystal promotes self-love and healing which helps us become more aware of ourselves.

Keeping this stone close to your work area can help stay focused on your goals. Every time you look at your amethyst will serve as a reminder to clear your mind so you can focus on what really matters.

11. Howlite

Howlite stone

If you are drawn to muted crystals, howlite is the perfect stone for you. This bone-white stone with minimal black streaks brings a soothing energy that helps relax the mind.

Meditating with howlite helps you become aware of your thoughts and feelings, and allows you to let go of negative emotions.

Take deep breaths and let the negative vibes flow away from you as you hold on to this stone in your hand. You’ll find yourself thinking clearer and making healthier decisions.

12. Selenite

Soft selenite crystals

Named after the Greek moon goddess, selenite looks like a mystical lunar body itself. It exudes a warm, calming energy that promotes clarity in all aspects of your life.

Going through relationship problems? Need to have a serious one-on-one, but don’t know how to start?

The cleansing energy of selenite can help bring the big picture into center, allowing you to navigate big decisions and conversations with a clear mind..

13. Calcite

Orange calcite

This common yet remarkable crystal possesses a strong energy ready to bring back the zest into your life.

It comes in deep tones of orange, yellow, blue, and sometimes even clear. This makes picking the right stone for you much easier – especially if you are drawn to particular colors.

Calcite is all about focusing your mind yet retaining a sense of calm. It’s ideal for getting down to work and blocking out all distractions – whether physical or emotional.

14. Rose Quartz

Bowl of pink rose quartz crystals

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink stone that brings love and healing energy. This stone is often called “the love stone”.

The stunning pink color of this gemstone creates an uplifting energy which allows us to accept things we cannot change.

Rose quartz helps us to look inside of ourselves and find the strength to do so. It helps us to let go of negative thoughts and feelings.

By letting go of these negative emotions, we move forward with a clear mind, and begin to live a happier, healthier life.

Crystals for Clarity

Every person deals with tremendous challenges throughout their lives. For some, crystals offer relief from emotional pain and help them cope with the brain fog of difficult situations.

Use these powerful crystals to clean the energy field around you and remove negative thoughts from your life!

Please note: We at Maple Crystals recognize there are no substantial scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of crystal healing. But we believe crystals can be used to center one’s self for positive manifestation. Crystal healing is not to replace treatment from medical professionals.